This project appears very quick in my schedule. I got very bad news about my relatives and we had a decision to fly to Ukraine nearly next day. My trip was very bad organized and I knew that I had to stay this the family for few days but what I would do the rest of the trip I didn’t know.
So I wrote to my friend to let them know that I’m in Kharkiv and I have some free time to meet up. We started to chat and in few minutes later we decided to create this Summer Time Project.
I would like to share some backstage pictures and sort video while main pictures will be ready very soon.

I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to my team:
Makeup artist Anastasia Dashkova – the best makeup artist I met.
Model Yana Tekucheva – the most professional model in Kharkiv
And some video from that day

IMG_6885 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6895 IMG_6899 IMG_6901IMG_6879

I hope you like it and I’m really want to hear your opinion.
Have a great time 🙂 Wherever you are in your day!
Sincerely, Julia

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