Hello everyone!
Amazing project with cool people! I can’t say anything else!
This project was created in times when I was working in on Kharkiv photo company. One day, searching on internet for inspiration I found one photoshoot created with the help of water and paint. Now I can’t find this pictures but I really liked this idea and started to think about creating something similar to this.
I’ve been sharing my thoughts with colleagues and together we create this beautiful shoot. But main problem was to find a studio from this. After few weeks of searching I talk to my friend Anton and he agreed to help me.
It was a small photo studio in center of Kharkiv. We had few models, few bags of flours and big desire to create something really amazing. The results you can see below







I hope you like it and I’m really want to hear your opinion.
Have a great time 🙂 Wherever you are in your day!
Sincerely, Julia

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