Design note - March 2021

March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada

As a UI/UX designer, you may be familiar with the feeling when you don’t know what next, especially in these uncertain times. In February, I decided to participate in the Dribbble Design Challenge because it would be useful to practice my UI skills and have a few new shots to present in my portfolio.

So, I planned to spend 1-2 hours every day working on my design skills, expanding my workflow, working in different styles, and design areas that I never did before. I thought that it would be a fun and easily achievable goal. However, the challenge is not over yet, but I already can say that it wasn’t that easy that I thought.

You can see all my shots in Dribbble Collection.

In this article, I would like to show a few of my shots from this challenge that I created so far alongside my favourite design inspirations and exciting articles that I found last month.

Your Savings App | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto

Your Savings App

After nearly a month of creating Dribbble shots, I’ve noticed that usually it just a few popular topics, and when I found out that there is a finance theme on the list, I was a bit anxious and excited at the same time.

I was glad that there are many inspirational shots that I can use as a starting point in my design, but I didn’t what to create the same designs. So, I decided to go with the saving app idea that will help you pull all financial information from your banks and other applications in one place and track your income and expenditure. 

Meettime | Dashboard

I challenged myself to create a dashboard, as I never had the opportunity to do it. The idea is straightforward, to manage all your meeting in one dashboard. 

I was unsure if I did it right, but this design became quite popular among all shots that I created so far.

Meettime | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto


If you don’t like your portfolio that you know what I’m talking about. I redesigned my portfolio last year but wasn’t completely happy about it. I thought that something was missing there. 

Finally, I decided to create a Blog section to share my thoughts and useful information that I’m consuming from other creatives and direct all requests from designers who want to learn more.

So, welcome, and I hope you liked it and stay with me on this journey. I'm planning to add some changes to the About me page, but I will share it next time.

creating design content | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto

Meetups with other designers

For a few months, I was looking to connect with other designers overseas because it will help me achieve my goal for the nearest future. Also, I like to communicate with others and find out their stories in this creative field.

Last month, I participated in Content creation for designers stream on Superpeer with Femke van Schoonhoven, Charli Prangley, Alexa Herasimchuk, Maddy Beard, Sara Brunettini. They inspired me to think about my journey and push that dream to help other designers in their journey. 

I recommend following them as they share lots of information about the UI/UX field, design tutorials, and vlogs about their working life.

Top 5 Design inspirations

2 March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada

If you don’t know how to organise your Behance case, they have a short but exciting video.

4 March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada

Great innovative agency to follow on Dribbble. I like their style and adore all illustration. I hope one day, I will find a time and expand my skills in illustration.

5 March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada

My first podcast recommendation will go to Design.Life FM by Femke and Charly.

3 March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada
Figma Community

I hope everyone knows what it is, but I still want to point it out as a prominent place to find plugins, files and mockups for your design.

1 March 2021 | Julia Gale UI UX Designer Toronto Canada.png

Hints: an app that cares about your mental health. Beautifully design and written study Case by Inna Nichiporenko