It was in a cold November day in Kharkiv, the weather turned bad but everything was agreed. All team came to my home to prepare for photoshoot. We changed some planes and structure of the shoot. I was very upset about this situation but still decided to shoot.
After all this preparation we went to location and start our photoshoot. I share some backstage pictures and video here and I share result of first part of this shoot here.
When we nearly finish shooting Marina said that she wants to realize main theme of this photoshoot. And we agreed to make it quick and get as much pictures as we can before Marina freeze.
So “Cold Queen” was inspired of beautiful dark red lipstick and amazing color of autumn sunsets. I’m really glad we can realize this beautiful shoot and I can share it with all of you.
It will be one more part of this photoshoot but I will prepared it later this month.
Our team:
Makeup artist Anastasia Dashkova
IMG_9160 copy
IMG_9164 copy
IMG_9166 copy
IMG_9169 copy
I hope you like it and I’m really want to hear your opinion.
Have a great time 🙂 Wherever you are in your day!
Sincerely, Julia

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